Wrestle Your Being

This past summer I read Marshall Goldsmiths book, Triggers.  I wrote this note to myself while reading… “Wrestle with Your Being.” Looking back over my notes the words still jump out. Wresting with my being feels loving. It’s not fighting, it’s loving. Wrestling with my being feels like a commitment to engage completely with life as it happens.

Here are a couple of  key quotes from Goldsmith.

“How can we strengthen our resolve to wrestle with the timeless, omnipresent challenge any successful person must stare down— becoming the person we want to be?”

“Regret is the emotion we experience when we assess our present circumstances and reconsider how we got here. We replay what we actually did against what we should have done —and find ourselves wanting in some way. Regret can hurt.”

Wrestle yourself to the ground each time you know what your doing doesn’t feel quite right. Can you keep total awareness about the small decisions you are making? They are critical. They are small now but make larger impacts later. If you don’t pay attention and be real now, they grow into larger regrets.

How about those things you did wrestle down? Can you acknowledge yourself for those?