Will You Be Happy at The End of Life?

This Facebook post “Top 5 Regrets of The Dying” caught my eye. It’s easy to think… “oh i’m not going to make those mistakes.” But we do. It’s what we do. We get soft and round and make compromises and make life easy for ourselves.


 Appreciate life while you can. Posted by Free and Equal on Friday, March 21, 2014

Based on the great work of Marshall Goldsmith I came up with these 5 questions to counter these regrets.

  1. Did I try my best today to act courageously?
  2. Did I try my best today to keep a balanced work schedule, and take care of my primary things like family and exercise?
  3. Did I try my best today to express myself?
  4. Did I try my best today to stay in touch with friends?
  5. Did I try my best today to stay present with myself and others, acknowledge myself and others, and give up perfection?

How would you write these questions for yourself?

Keep these questions as a Daily Practice – with the support of Integrity Buddies.

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