Why The Name ‘Heroic’ ?

I’ve built a Saas for creating and selling online courses from your own website. It’s called Heroic. Some people are asking, ‘what’s in the name?”


Heroic Platform Logo


We live in a world where humans have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. And in the last 100, just a micro blip in time, we are dealing with the most incredibly large economic and cultural shifts the planet has ever seen. Our population is growing by an addtional 80 million people a year!


Learning we manage ourselves, our relationship with each other and the planet is becoming more and more acute. If we are going to bring out the best in humanity at our global party, we are going to have to make an effort. And our effort begins now with each of us. Creating the outer peace that’s necessary to make this global experience fun requires each human being finding it within. It takes each and every single person, living their journey to their true and authentic self.


The journey is not a simple one. And fortunately, even though the hero is always the central character in the story, they are never completely alone. The hero is always accompanied by their divine helpers…. their sidekicks who play supporting roles.


And so it’s also true with how we learn. We can learn quickly on our own. But when we develop deep knowledge and wisdom, it happens in relationship with others. We construct knowledge not only in reflection, more importantly, it’s in relationship with others who are on the journey with us.


In today’s world of online learning, it’s all about hacking and going fast. The deeper wisdom from the hero’s journey isn’t celebrated. And the hero’s companions are obscured.


The Heroic platform is designed to support the deeper learning journey, and making your students the hero in their story. They know each other. They support each other. Together we construct the knowledge that transforms their lives.


Yes, the Heroic platform is a way to deliver online courses. And teachers like us do it to grow passionate communities like this.