Tribe Conference Day 1: Finding Your Voice is More About Finding Yourself

I’ve had a gloriously long day at the Jeff Goin’s #TribeConf in Franklin TN.

I came here knowing defining your voice is important… that leaning into content marketing is important, and building your email list is important. But today I got to experience the hearts of so many others like me that agree, and it feels like home.

I live the busy life of fatherhood, a fulltime job, and my commitment to writing. So taking the time to step into my memories of the past guided by Ally Vesterfelt, could seem like a luxury, but when we finished, I could not think of a more important way to spend my Saturday morning, apart from playing with my two kids. But truth be told, even though I missed my kids today, this work makes me a better father.

Ally’s message was simple. You find your voice by reconnecting with your past, and taking stock of what’s important to you.

So many other notes to catch up on early tomorrow morning. Going to sleep tonight feeling very grateful for what Jeff Goins has created, and all the great presentations and workshopping. Looking forward to a solid day tomorrow!