Let’s Set a Ship Date

I put the wheels in motion to launch Write, Speak, and Teach simply to give myself some deadlines to create content, and to help other people get some deadlines in place too. The problem I have is that I’m always telling myself I have more time… that I have enough time to have a little side conversation, or look at one more webpage thingy, before I sit down to do my work.

But what if I planned my work, took a break, and then when I sat down at my desk again, I only did the work, and nothing else?

I did this for two months straight, where in the evening I would decide what I was going to do when I got up in the morning, which is simply write for 20 minutes, and then when I sat down at my computer before going to work, I just wrote. My rule was simply that I was only to open Evernote and write. Nothing else, no other apps or screens. Minimize everything else. Just Evernote. Just write.

The result was that I was able to produce a piece of work that felt… well, it felt like almost a complete piece of work. My new problem began when I would sit down at Evernote, and instead of writing, I was just editing my work. Not to say that editing isn’t important, but I edited some of the same words about 5 or 6 times before I realized that I was kind of stuck again. So I decided to ship them!

Shipping was scary because the work was clearly not done. But despite my anxiety and knowledge that the work needed more work, I loaded my content into an online course system. When I did that, I realized I could have done that sooner. Loading it onto the system made it obvious that I needed to restructure some parts, and it also made it clear that I had some good bones that were important to share with other people. Loading my content into the online course format gave me confidence and a high contrast feeling of accomplishment.

After everything was up, I shared it as a ‘rough draft’ and asked friends to read it. About ten people read the material and gave me amazing feedback. One friend has given me free copy editing, which has been a real blessing.

So I write this story to you, to encourage you to keep going, and to myself, because my work is not done yet. After the final draft I’m going to record audio. I have a deadline to ship my course with audio by 10/1. I doubt it will have the glossy finish I hope for, but I’m closing the aspiration gap one step at a time.

What are you going to ship? And what deadline do you want me to hold you accountable to?