How to get down to your powerful mission?

My 3 year old watches a cartoon everyday called Little Einsteins. The story is about a group of kids exploring and learning about the world. Each episode begins in the chill zone until a problem arises. When it’s clear what the problem is, the kids get energized dancing all the way to their musical rocket ship, singing “We have a mission! We have a mission!”

Little Einsteins - "We Have a Mission"

We Have a Mission

The song is a moving call to action. These kids are celebrating because they have a problem! They are celebrating because they get to use their musical rocket ship for a purpose. Doesn’t that sound fun?

My mission is to help you try your best everyday. I am deeply curious how to make trying easier to get to, and make it more effective. Hey, that may even include giving up trying. Let’s cast off the pursuit of perfection, and the regrets it creates.

My underlying WHY? I have two impressionable little boys. When I try my best everyday – I have no regrets. I get energized. And get totally present with my wife and kids. We dance to our red rocket ship. That’s where it’s at. And my resolve is galvanized by teaching and coaching others.

Many of you know of my Integrity Buddies community. That’s a place where we take on the daily practice of trying our best. I want to either improve it, or create something new that works for you, to help you get on the mission.

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How often do you break out your musical rocket ship? Is your mission clear everyday? How often to you look deep inside and touch the bedrock of your core purpose?

We don’t have to live with regrets. Let’s be better listeners. Let’s be compassionate with ourselves and others. Let’s make a difference for others who need help. Let’s take action.