How to Create the Best Ideas that Innovate a Better World

Jeff Brown interviewed Jay Samit on his read to lead podcast, which is fantastic.

Jay talks about the power of “affectuation.” The premise is basically that your intentions create specific outcomes,  and challenges listeners, “see if you can go 24 hours without a single complaint!”

Today can be better than yesterday

I have the power ot make it so.

It creates a better mindset.

The best ideas to innovate a better world come from knowing yourself. From having a daily practice to remember and clarify your values, and plan actions that align with your purpose.

The most notable passage of the interview happens when Jeff Brown asks Jay Samit, “What do you want to be remembered for the most?” and Jay talks about how important it is to live with a mindset for how we can contribute to a better world.

He says it’s not about being a do gooder, or spiritual or any phoohahah. It’s about enjoying life, and not just living to pay your bills.

It’s about awareness. That on global level we are going to see the middle class disappear. And on a personal level, reconnecting with what you dreamed of as a kid, like when you were in the 4th grade. Enjoying life in that way takes courage and innovation.

The world problems are not race, religion… etc. its massive unemployment for those under 30.

24 minutes into the conversation Jay says,

“I’m now dedicating my life … when I see what’s happening with ISIS, when I see what’s happening the Greek economy… When I see what’s happening in our own country, in Ferguson and in Chicago, and our inner cities, these aren’t examples of [problems] of race, religion, or culture. This is mass unemployment for those under 30. Unless we can really teach people more entrepreneurial…  unless we have this mindset of how we can impact the world for better, we are going to see the middle class wiped out and life that we enjoy radically altered on a global basis. So my legacy is really empower people to think differently and transformed themselves so they can have the life they dreamed of when they were in the 4th grade, not the type that they are just paying bills until they die.”

I’m completely inspired by Jay Samit, and how dedicated he is to make a difference, and doing it as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs can make a real difference, not just to make money, but to bring peace to the world. Creating worthwhile jobs, the ones that young people can make careers with, it gives them something constructive to focus on. Without jobs, it becomes too easy to get lured into an unworthy cause.

My challenge for you is to pick something you can teach, that will make a difference for others, and teach it. Stop being stingy by keeping it to yourself. Get out there and do it.


Josh Race is a writer and community leader, technologist, husband, and father. He writes about learning and innovation, especially about the impact of structured groups on personal performance. He is also the founder of the Heroic Platform, which makes it possible to sell online courses from your own website. More at