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About The Book

Heroic Listening - How to learn faster, choose smarter, and love more deeply, with the deliberate practice of listening.

As biological beings, we innately seek attention and connection. However, an ancient layer of our brain makes us act out our irrational behaviors, ensuring we get stuck in our own prison stories, and keeps us from following our own hearts.

Life can present us with tough scenarios that make us feel like there’s nothing we can do but fill up with hatred towards ourselves and others. But if we take solace in our own humanity, it’s possible to find the freedom to discover inner peace, and the love for oneself and others.

Heroic Listening is the deliberate practice of identifying the beats that normally slip by in the undercurrent of the subconscious, that makes self-forgiveness possible.  If we can understand how we are at the mercy of our own brain chemistry, then we can actively choose what gets created in our personal chemistry lab and change how we feel about the world.

We have a choice. We can either retreat or we can actively approach the challenges we face. We just need to notice that we have the choice. If we do, then we stand a chance to transform painful thoughts and feelings into creative acts that generate magical outcomes.

With Heroic Listening, we can find empathy and forgiveness, learn faster, choose smarter, and love more deeply.

  • Heroic Listening Table of Contents


    Part 1 – The Listening Breakdown
    • I Need Practice
    • Book Types
    • An Idiot Makes The News
    • Thesis

    Part 2 – The Mirror of Evolution
    • Am I The Father?
    • The Courage to Forgive
    • Deliberate Practice of The Approach State
    • Evolution Towards Self-Awareness
    • Just Listen
    • Look Up
    • My Question
    • Mirror World
    • The Work of Reflective Listening Practice
    • Active Listening
    • Is This a “How-To” or Practice Manual
    • Active Questions
    • Playback and Reflect
    • The Willingness to Be Alone

    Part 3 – The Voice of Heroic Listening
    • It Was an Accident
    • Heroic Listening and Voice

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Have you ever hated on yourself so much there was nothing to do but procrastinate? Girlfriend or boyfriend dumped you? Failed to influence your colleagues with your good work? Didn't get to say what you wanted to say during the family reunion?

These kinds of painful experiences slow us down from making good work. Heroic Listening is a book about practicing awareness, taking on what pisses you off, and liberating your self expression.
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