The Group Learning System for Authors

“Don’t just write exercises in your book.

Create an experience where readers can bond.”

Your “members” become your “influential groups”

  • members that bond know how to speak about your work more easily
  • structure fosters creativity, where members are free to discover their power
  • your members can easily describe how the group energy fuels your program

Members build the relationships that share your wisdom

  • the structure facilitates ease of dialogue
  • members don’t have to figure out how to succeed with your program
  • groups can practice articulating the subtleties of your work

The platform helps you build sustainable member engagement

  • members are more invested in your program because they get to personally know people while engaged with your work
  • members who know each other are naturally more accountable
  • your groups transform from struggle for survival to fun and excitement

The platform can be included as a premium upsell with other offerings

  • invested members create groups that are higher quality and higher value
  • manage large numbers of members with and keep intimate groups – People Like Us, Create Groups Like This!