Todays Meditation – Feelings are HUGE

It’s time to get real with the unknown. Stop hiding from it. Get in bed – in the dark – with a naked and sweaty unknown.

Now is the time to forget about Facebook and time to be sacred with words and presence and breath, and hear your feelings.

Feeling, …. feeling, feeling is such a paltry word. It’s sounds so weak. But really, FEELING is f*ing H U G E.

It hurts. To call pain a feeling is such an understatement. It’s like a small text advert lost on the footer of the internet.

In reality, feelings generate the motivation and resolve to move mountains.

Thoughts create feelings. Feelings inspire action. Action requires resolve that is greater than those feelings. Resolve requires generating feelings that align with the goal. Getting clear about how feelings work doesn’t mean we get to remove them from our lives. It means we create the story so the feeling move us to where we want to go.


Feelings Are Huge


Buddhist iconography has become the cool way of expressing “peace of mind” in popular culture. And Stoicism has popularized the hero’s way through the battle of life. But peace of mind and the hero’s way are not devoid of FEELING. It’s just that we are no longer the gambit of our own feelings.

We now get to choose the thoughts we believe, we get to choose the feelings we generate. And when we don’t, we get to choose how we live through the mess when it seems like we had no choice.

Now is the time to be real. The research is in. The gut check is complete. You got this. I’m willing to be scared. I’m willing to be sad. I’m willing to laugh uncontrollably. I’m willing to be angry. I’m willing to cry.

Josh Race is a writer, community leader, technologist, husband, and father 2 rascally toddlers. He has lead a large scale daily accountability group since October 2012, and regularly writes about the impact of structured groups on personal performance. He is the founder of the Heroic, the platform for leaders who believe in coaching, to create, sell, and lead digital workshops and courses.