Do you care if your audience finishes your online course?

yes! You care.

Are you an entrepreneur, author, or coach? If yes, you surely run an online course, or you are thinking about selling courses from your own website. It’s a ton of work to pilot a course that resonates. It’s a ton of work to launch a course and create sales. So focusing on student completion rates is probably not top of mind.

But if your course is going to succeed, you need to build it for the long tail. Your evergreen course will have no long tail if you don’t produce successful students. So keep refining your course, and continue to relaunch it so both you and your students get results. To get results, you need your students to finish.

WHY does finishing matter to your students?

Lifelong learning is critical to our being better human beings. It’s the difference that helps us live with purpose. To do things like innovate, create new jobs, and be better parents. Learning is what makes you battle ready for the challenges life throws at you. Isn’t that the impact you want to create for others?

WHY am I concerned about this? I’ve had a spotty past as a student, and lots of fails at leading online community. It’s a horrible experience to connect with something you are passionate about, and then fail because you didn’t  follow through. I’ve suffered from having a passionate interest that I didn’t follow through on.  These days I finish courses regularly, and I’m proud of  it. And I connect daily with other engaged learners. What a blessing!

I’m a stand for your students to get clear about the outcomes they seek from your courses, and for them to get the support they need to mesh what they learn with actions they take in their lives. And I’m a stand for YOU to cultivate wisdom, produce value, and effectively lead programs that make a difference.

You got people to sign up, so now deliver the results.

When your students get results, they will share. When they share, that helps grow your business. And it improves the impact of what you are teaching.

Three simple reasons why you should care if students finish:

1. Everyone loves a good testimonial. But great testimonials are only possible if you have created transformation for your students. So make it happen, and you will get the testimonials.

2. You will get better sleep at night knowing that your work is effective, and making a difference for others.

3. It grows your business. Yes, I said that already. Repeating key points to help you focus.

Because you care about results, consider launching your course with structured peer groups. They are a powerful way for students to connect and support one another doing the work. You can easily facilitate structured peer groups. Try the Heroic platform for online courses.

Josh Race is a writer and community leader, technologist, husband, and father. He writes about learning and innovation, especially the impact of structured groups have on personal performance. He is also the founder of The Heroic Platform for Online Course. More at