3 Models of Teaching

Groupforce gives you three models for your school or program. They are;

1. The Evergreen Course

2. The Interactive Lab

3. The Mastery Group

These models are each important in their own way, and they can be used in conjunction with each other like a beautiful 3 course meal. The evergreen course is the appetizer, the lab is the meal, and the mastery group are after dinner cocktails.

Here’s more detail about how each of these models work.

The Evergreen Course is the most common kind of online course. Udemy.com, Skillshare.com, Edx.com, and many others use this model. Users can sign up and participate at any time. There’s no start or end date. Students work at their own leisure.

The Interactive Lab is also a course, but it requires output from the students. Because the students work together to create the output, the course has start and end dates, and subgroups to do the work together. This format drives much higher engagement than an evergreen course, it builds community that know each other and truly get the purpose of your teaching.

The Mastery Group is not a course, it’s an ongoing experiential group that carries the torch of knowledge that has been lit for your community. There are sessions with start and end dates, but they are something that someone my participate indefinitely because of the rolling schedule of sessions.

Interestingly, you can also think of these models as a reflection or a continuation of your marketing funnel. The Evergreen Course is similar to the brand awareness aspect of your online business. The Interactive Lab is a place where your customers are really interested in your material and have a desire to go deep. And the Mastery Group are your repeat customers who have repeat purchase intent.

A question you may have is whether it’s worth building out these different kinds of courses. “Doesn’t it take a lot of time to manage?” you may be wondering. Yes it does take time and it does need to be managed. But if your business goals are to make an true impact around the topic you care about, this is the strategy to give your student members a vehicle for the full journey.

Having said that, you may have a clear need for only one of these particular models. Maybe you are a performance coach and you only need the performance measuring tools of the Mastery Group model. You can use each of these models in a standalone fashion. If you already have a lot of evergreen content, and you just want to build out an Interactive Lab, that can work by itself too. Here is a table that shows the features of each of these models.